Interest Rate Swaps

Interest Rate Swaps

Market Coverage

JB Drax Honore’s Interest Rate Derivative Swaps team provides a global framework for coverage across a full suite of banks through direct access to traders, market makers and exchanges. The team is focused on sourcing and expanding this pool of liquidity across the range of market participants. We are unique in being able to deliver to our clients an agency execution service across all cleared OTC derivative products.

Service Provision

Our Swaps team have built their reputations on generating independent trade ideas and in having the time and know how to enable best execution on an anonymous basis. This depth of experience allows the team to facilitate best execution on all cleared swaps by building an aggregated service which sources liquidity provider axe’s where they compliment client interest or in order to facilitate trade ideas.

Trade Anonymity

Each OTC derivative transaction traded with JB Drax Honore is cleared using either LCH or CME through our global interest rates clearer CitiBank. This ensures complete anonymity at all times when executing through our team. It also allows our clients to benefit if non-bank liquidity providers are utilised or when clients trade through JBDH with offsetting flows.

Agency Execution

JB Drax Honore is the perfect platform for execution of overnight orders. A single call will ensure best execution across an array of liquidity providers rather than a single bank. As an active agency participant in the market JBDH already knows where to look for axed pricing, saving clients’ time and improving fills. As the swap markets transition towards full clearing we aim to continue to lead the market in delivering an innovative service to our clients in interest rate derivative products.