Listed Derivities

Listed Derivatives

Market Coverage

Our execution teams, based on sales desks or exchange floors in London, Paris, New York, Chicago and Singapore, provide specialist coverage within the fixed income, equities, commodities and currencies futures and options asset classes.

Bespoke execution

We specialise in the proactive and bespoke creation of trade ideas for our clients.

As well as the traditional voice coverage, JB Drax Honore supports a vendor-neutral programme and clients may connect using their proprietary OMS, via BBG EMSX and via FIX and Swift messaging.

Trade Anonymity

We execute a significant percentage of exchange volume on a daily basis for a broad and active client base, ensuring anonymity for all of our clients.


Utilising the latest trading and settlement system, Drax Prime, ensures that we provide rapid trade execution along with highly automated and efficient trade processing.

Market Presence

We are one of the largest executing brokers by daily volumes traded. Although our largest volumes have historically been in the fixed income products, we also have a significant presence in the equities markets. We also have a track record in executing large volume in the commodities markets, with our particular strength historically in the softs and agricultural products.