OTC Foreign Exchange

OTC Foreign Exchange

Diverse Market Coverage

JB Drax Honoré’s highly experienced global FX team is able to provide the most comprehensive liquidity to our clients on an anonymous basis.

Agency Model

We provide our clients with an aggregated view of market information, ideas and trading strategies, whilst demonstrating Dodd Frank compliant
best execution all through and a single relationship and credit line.

Trade Anonymity

Trades executed with JB Drax Honoré are cleared through a choice of prime brokers that best suits our clients, ensuring complete anonymity.
We are able to execute illiquid crosses as well as large orders via proven execution channels, expertise and liquidity management.

Changing Landscape

As the market transforms towards an electronic SEF landscape, JB Drax Honoré is well placed to source, price and execute risk, via our integrated matching and reporting model.


We can offer connectivity via Bloomberg EMSX and a range of platforms provided by JB Drax Honoré’s strategic partners.


Utilising the latest trading and settlement system, Drax Prime ensures we provide rapid trade execution along with highly automated and efficient trade processing.

Counterparty Risk

JB Drax Honoré acts as agent of its Prime Brokers who will face clients directly on our behalf, post execution. Credit risk always remains at the prime broker level.