Technology & Operations

Technology & Operations Client Solutions

JB Drax Honoré prides itself on an efficient technology & operations infrastructure and provides the following services for its clients, providing diverse solutions for a range of client needs / requests to ensure the client experience is first class.

Technology & Operations

24/7 364 multi-regional team responsible for the following:

  • Resolving all client queries of any nature.
  • Reconciling clients' trades.
  • Generating and collection of client invoices.
    • We pride ourselves on producing clean invoicing on day 1 of the following trading month.
  • Responsible for gathering the necessary 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) documentation from clients.
  • Executing industry wide give-up agreements in the Electronic Give-Up System (eGUS).
  • Dedicated trading solutions support.

Client Solutions

  • Bespoke client confirmations allowing clients to receive trade confirmations in the format of their choice so that auto-booking to risk systems is possible.
  • Auto-splits & allocations allowing clients to send in trade files advising of account splits and allocations which will be automatically processed and given out to clients' clearer of choice.
  • Account formatting allowing clients to keep account names as the same as either their risk systems or clearers accounts.
  • FIX and SFTP infrastructure giving the ability for clients to send and receive care orders or confirmations on a real-time basis.

The trade support number for all middle office enquiries is: +44(0)20 7645 8576.

Seamless 24/7 Service

Multi-regional dedicated trading and clearing support teams providing follow the sun support and resolution of client queries and trade reconciliation.

Accurate Invoicing

Track record in providing clean invoices on day 1 of the following trading month.

Client Onboarding

Efficient gathering of required Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation from clients and full participation in industry-wide electronic give up systems (eGUS).

Bespoke Service

We provide bespoke client confirmations to enable stp for our clients into their trade booking and risk systems.

Automated Solutions

JB Drax Honoré supports a fully automated splits and allocations model, including account mapping management, for rapid processing and seamless onward delivery to the client's clearing broker.

Drax Prime

JB Drax Honoré’s single solution for trade booking, execution, split and allocations, trade status, flexible reporting, invoicing.